Photo credit: Ira Casel

Photo credit: Ira Casel

WENDY DORAN-PALEY is a newcomer to the stage, with the notable exception of her performance in the role of “Baby” in the Webster Hill Elementary School production of “Free To Be You and Me,” dazzling the audience while wearing a diaper.

Wendy grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut where she played lots and lots of sports and watched lots and lots of “Little House on the Prairie.”  A graduate of Brown University, Wendy meandered a bit in her early career days, starting out as a paralegal for the Department of Justice and then shifting to teaching preschool.  She eventually pursued a career in social work, meeting her now wife Joanna of 13 years during orientation at social work graduate school. 

Wendy has worked with people with lupus and in grief and bereavement.  She also founded and ran the non-profit Families Matter, which offered peer support and education to people with LGBTQ loved ones. Since her daughter Maggie was 5 (now age 10), Wendy has been a stay-at-home mom. She volunteers, does yard work, cooks lots of dairy-free and gluten-free meals, and logs many miles walking puppy Tucker. 

Wendy is so grateful to the directors/producers of Listen To Your Mother for selecting her story. She would like to thank her editorial team (you know who you are) for the terrific feedback, and her friends and family for the outpouring of support.