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We are so very grateful for the artistry and continued support of JOY YAGID PHOTOGRAPHY!

JOY YAGID is a documentary style photographer. She loves trying to capture a common object in a different way. It's that simple.

She likes light and light likes Joy. Light & Joy are on a perpetual spree. Her love is to shoot nature in a non-obvious way. Joy loves finding the abstract. She loves color and patterns and the play of light. And yet, she can take her unique way of looking at things and find those special details - in your wedding, your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah, your parents' 50th anniversary - and capture the memories. She captures the fun and the joy of the event - not just record who was there. If you want something different, yet not off the rails, Joy Yagid is your gal. 

Joy Yagid Photography, LLC • joy.yagid@gmail.com • 201.657.6631