My untouched headshot tells my story: I am a newbie to theater but an oldie in most other ways. Over the past 72 years, I have performed in a plethora of roles including teacher, professor, writer, community worker, wife, mom, grandma, and professional storyteller. And thanks to LTYM, this will be my first role performing on stage for adults and reading one of my stories.

Treasure headshot.jpg

I grew up in Millburn, New Jersey, attended Tufts University where I met my husband of 50 years, and lived in the Boston area and the US Virgin Islands before settling in Maplewood over 40 years ago. I have been an early childhood teacher and special educator, but my favorite role has been as a Jewish family educator, both volunteer and professional. With my husband, I created young family services at Congregation Beth El in South Orange with dancing, singing, stories, and puppets, which became a national model. For many years, we traveled to schools, synagogues, and community centers throughout the area and the country, bringing our programs to young children and their families.

I currently teach child development at Montclair State University. Since my four grown children and 11 young grandchildren all live plane-rides away, I also travel across the country frequently to visit them. I am so looking forward to growing and learning as part of the amazing LTYM-2019 team of writers and performers—and proving to myself that you are never too old to begin a new adventure.