Amanda Eigen headshot.jpg

AMANDA EIGEN grew up in New York City and dreamed of becoming an actress. That didn’t work out so well, so instead, she decided to go to graduate school and become a librarian. She moved to South Orange in 2003 with her first husband and son, had a daughter, and got a job at the Maplewood Memorial Library. Fourteen years later, she’s still working at the library, but there have been lots of changes along the way. 

Amanda loves the suburban life she leads with her second husband, the four kids they share, and three dogs. She’s happiest on the evenings when they are all together - which this year means a family trip to Japan to visit her stepson!

Amidst the bustle of everyday life, Amanda loves to write and is super excited to be a part of the 2018 cast of Listen to Your Mother. She’s grateful for her family and friends, many of whom will be in the audience on show day.