Adam Epstein headshot.jpg

ADAM EPSTEIN grew up on the West Coast during the golden age of hip-hop. Like his high school classmate 2pac, Adam had trouble with authority growing up. He was thrown out of Northwestern's "Cherub" program for promising high school journalists; perhaps that inspired Chicagoan Kanye West's path to his debut album: The College Dropout. Unlike 2pac, Adam (aka "ATM") had no beef with the East coast - and moved to New York for college at 17, where he was exposed to the Wu-Tang Clan. Years later, Adam would get into the Internet game and remark that "Clicks Rule Everything Around Me" (C.R.E.A.M.). 

But first, Adam headed to Michigan for law school and a judicial clerkship during the dawn of the Eminem epoch. While never slim, Adam was shady enough to woo his future spouse Laura during that time. 16 years later, Laura dropped some spoken word knowledge on South Orange at LTYM, following in the tradition of the original L-Boogie, Lauryn Hill. That performance inspired Adam to take the stage this year. And while he won't get paid for rapping to the nation (Ice Cube), you might find him at Libretti's one night bringing it back to the west coast where it all started and spitting some lyrics from Sir-a-Mix. 

L-Boogie and ATM have 4 lil old school hip hop fans: SiLasVegas (Changes by 2Pac), CK27 (Regulate by Warren G), Mad Flava (I Got 5 On It by Luniz) and Rose!E (Snow by Informer).