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Jersey born and bred, followed by a brief but glorious four year pitstop in Ann Arbor, Michigan (GO BLUE!). I then made the highly unusual journey from Manhattan to Brooklyn to SoMa --where I now live with my husband, Peter, and our two amazing 11-year olds. I’ve spent the past 20+ years in entertainment marketing, including stints at a movie theater company, indie film company, and an experiential marketing firm. I now spend most of my time driving carpools, playing catch in the backyard, listening to compelling arguments for why our family should get a puppy, packing lunchboxes, trying to relearn 5th grade math, folding and refolding laundry, volunteering at school functions, sipping iced decafs from The Able Baker, and juggling three consulting gigs. And oh, I work at a children’s day camp all summer (make that four gigs).