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EYRIQUE MILLER is a banker and writer. He worked for almost fifteen years at J.P. Morgan and Citigroup before quitting his job to start a bank and pursue his passion for sharing stories. Since leaving, he’s told stories at Montclair Film Festival (winner), The Moth, and other local story slams. In addition to telling stories, he writes about his experiences being a first-generation college graduate who ended up working for President Obama and was hired by Jamie Dimon at J.P. Morgan. He’s currently working on a memoir about his life as a black banker.

A native of New Jersey, he grew up in Middletown, New Jersey and went to Rutgers University where he met his wife. They have been married for 15 years and have two beautiful daughters who he credits for helping find his passion for writing. He started by working on television and film scripts loosely based on his unique experiences – being the first in his family to go to college and end up on Wall St, marrying his best friend’s older sister and supporting a career-driven wife. His two pilot TV scripts were selected as a Finalist and Semifinalist for the Austin TV Festival. These ideas have turned into a daily passion for writing and a desire to share his ideas with others.

He is incredibly grateful to be in the 2019 Listen to Your Mother North Jersey cast and thanks his family and friends for the opportunity to tell his story.