DEBORAH GOLDSTEIN wears many creative hats but does not leave any one hat on for too long because she is prone to hat head. She has blogged on her own site, Peaches & Coconuts, and co-published and contributed articles, reviews, and interviews for VillageQ.com, a community site and blog directory for and about LGBTQ families. Deborah was a columnist for Patch.com and has contributed to sites such as Amtrak Ride With Pride, Scary Mommy, and Fifty is the New Fifty. Her words have appeared in print in the North Jersey Pride Guide and Elevate Magazine.

In addition to writing for the page, Deborah enjoys sharing words on stage, storytelling for StudioB Story Slam, Funny Pages, BlogHer Voices of the Year, OUTspoken! Chicago, as well as on the Listen To Your Mother NYC stage in 2012.

Deborah is the showrunner, head writer, and on-air host for the Gen-Z Media kid’s podcast, Pants on Fire as well as the co-director/producer and emcee of the North Jersey Listen To Your Mother show. She aspires to write a novel but has no intention of actually finishing one. She takes great joy in aspiration.

Deborah has been a South Orange resident since 2006 along with her lady-spouse and 2 man-children.