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BRIDGET HUGHES grew up in Columbia, Maryland. She has made a career out of developing programs and services to lift up the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth - and is eternally grateful for the ways that their leadership, their voices, compassion and bravery has changed and colored the world. Bridget’s mostly part-time, piecemeal, middle-of-the-night, writing life has been supported by residencies at Hedgebrook, a writer’s colony for women in Washington State, and the Writer’s Colony at Dairy Hollow in Arkansas, and by a fabulously talented, local writers group affectionately called “Sheilah.” She was the recipient of an individual artist fellowship from the New Jersey State Council for the Arts in 2007 and was awarded a Charles H. Revson Fellowship for a year of self-directed study at Columbia University where she studied writing with Amy Benson. Bridget has also escaped multiple times, to Provincetown to attend writing seminars at the Fine Arts Work Center.

At all hours of most days, especially while riding NJ Transit, Bridget is being hounded by Helen Keller, Annie Sullivan, a lesbian child, and the ghost of Lorena Hickok - all characters in the novel she has been writing and revising and trying to finish for far too long . . .  

She resides in Maplewood now, with her very own Barbara Bickart, after living twenty years among the good people of Jersey City. The sweetness of her life is being mom to Constance (“Tess”) and Charlie Lorenzo and being gifted with her mother, Constance (“Tinsel”) Hughes. Bridget finds that listening to other women is always the best thing to do. She is super excited to be in the mix of the 2019 Listen To Your Mother crew!